What is Brank?

Brank is a simulated trading platform that tracks your wins and loses in a tournament setting, or in your own practice portfolio. When we created Brank we had two things in mind, education and tournaments. If your a sports fan your familiar with Fan Duel, Draft Kings…

Lets start this off with the formalities, I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. Do your own diligent research.

Now if you haven’t been on reddit, a breading ground now of questionable things you might wanna give it a visit you might learn something.

Now do we all remember Safemoon? Or…

Why do shit coins, meme tokens, whatever you want to call them; why do they suck?

Well from outside the obvious reason like supply, the smart contract its based off are all garbage there’s a slew of other reasons.

  • High Burn Tokens: Now we have seen a lot of these…

Nicholas Antel

An Entrepreneur trying to make a difference and save animals that have been neglected and abused as pets or are endangered.

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